Richard is, first and foremost, a comic creator. He’s been that since he was 7 years old and that’s probably never going to change. The problem is that Richard gets bored easily, so now he also does picture books and screenplays and bad animations and curates the most under-appreciated twitter account on the whole internet . His joke about Rue McClanahan was pure gold, but no-one cared.

But enough about that, let’s take a stroll back to 1992 to see how Richard got started in all this nonsense. Like all children, Richard was dumb. He had little to no concept of the wider world and since Encarta 95 was still three years away, he knew very little of culture, history or Charles Barkley. His Mind was yet to be aMazed (for more gold like that, see  Richard’s twitter ). So, in his ignorance, Richard believed that comics no longer existed. He’d seen them on TV, he knew what they were and how they worked, but since he’d never seen one in real life, he assumed they were just some thing from the distant past, like books, or plays. After all, why would people bother making comics when animation existed? Surely people would rather see Batman wiggling a little, instead of just standing still. So, when Richard stopped making regular books and started making comic books, he really believed he was cornering a forgotten market.

Richard’s first comic ‘Ghost Ghost‘ was a simple concept (originally called Ghost the Ghost but Justin Timberlake told him to change it), a ghost who struggled with invisibility and loneliness. Richard drew it, blackmailed his way into free photocopying and then sold copies to the sympathetic parents of his enemies at a school athletics event. This was the second time Richard felt a true love of commerce overwhelm him. He used the profits to buy several Ninja Turtle toys he had been wanting.

Since then, Richard has produced some 200 comics, everything from graphic novels and ongoing series like Wilhelm Scream and Blastosaurus, to the daily comic strip I Fight Crime. It’s hard to believe he can do all this and still find time to be so funny on his twitter account .

A few years ago, Richard’s first celebrity crush/favorite author Maurice Sendak died. This was very upsetting to Richard because it meant 2 things, his childhood desire for a big cuddle would never be fulfilled and now there’d be no-one making picture books he liked. He headed to the store to buy a new copy of his favorite Sendak book and was horrified to find that, not only did they not stock it, but that they didn’t have anything by Sendak (not even the obvious ones). Instead the shelves were filled with books about cows that fart too much and donkeys that rhyme.

Three days later Richard sent his first picture book ‘Morgan, the Moreporks and the Moon‘ off to the printers. Since then he’s published two more books in the Morgan series and had six books picked up by a range of publishers around the world, all while maintaining a truly hilarious presence on the popular social media website twitter .