In The Kitchen Podcast 11 – Re: Wolf

Richard makes fun of Lucy’s new tattoo A LOT, then suggests an awesome tattoo that she rejects outright. This kind of gold is why people keep coming back for In The Kitchen At The Party With The Wine!

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In the Kitchen Podcast 010 – Dead Dogs and Ticklish Surfers

In-the-kitchen-at-the-party-with-the-wine-logo-for-itunesRichard has moved out of his ex wife’s house and downloaded PokemonGo, but sadly is not as technically capable as Lucy. Both our beloved hosts are coping with dog loss (for different reasons) and Richard has met a surfing philanthropist. It’s an exciting time to be alive/listening to this podcast.

Surfs Up Richard

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In the Kitchen Podcast 009 – Three Jokes Down

In this week’s episode Richard makes what might be his best joke ever, reveals his secret for never getting hangovers and wallows in the misery of his break up. Lucy once again defends the value of KFC as vomit.

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In the Kitchen Podcast 008 – 1D Sounds Nothing Like A1

In-the-kitchen-at-the-party-with-the-wine-logo-for-itunesThis week Lucy reveals she really knows nothing about any direction, let alone One Direction. Richard is having fun being divorced and tells more gross stories.



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IN THE KITCHEN PODCAST 007 – License to Spill


This week we get another update on Richard’s (now historic) marriage break up, then he over shares on masturbatory fantasy and shaves his beard live on the show. Lucy doesn’t get to say much but it’s because Richard was really going through some stuff. Also there’s an update on the aftermath of the Listerine Spill from the last episode.Beardless-richard

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In the Kitchen Podcast 006 – Ball Skin Coat

In-the-kitchen-at-the-party-with-the-wine-logo-for-itunesIn episode 006 of In the Kitchen at the Party with the Wine we discuss Richard’s life two days after his ex wife left, his incident in the bath tub, his time at a rooftop gin party and why his sexual assault made him love lollipops. Lucy talks about vaginal hot sauce.

2016-06-11 18.38.47

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PODCAST In the Kitchen At the Party With the Wine 005 – It Burns When You Pee

In-the-kitchen-at-the-party-with-the-wine-logo-for-itunes In our historic 5th episode (as in we recorded it a while ago), Richard is going through some stuff since he’s just found out his marriage is over. Then there’s some in depth (and I’m sorry, disgusting) discussion of which foods make you feel like you have a UTI and fun ways to solve it.


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In the Kitchen At the Party With the Wine Podcast 004 – Christmas Pants

In-the-kitchen-at-the-party-with-the-wine-logo-for-itunes For the first time ever Richard and Lucy are recording a podcast in the same city! In the same building! In the same room! Weirdly, the sound quality is way worse.

This week there’s discussion of teacher/student relationships, where Richard tells some scandalous stories about his high school. Then there’s discussion of poop, butt hair and periods.

Sorry for the clicking sounds, we forgot to use the pop filter.

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PODCAST In The Kitchen At The Party With The Wine 003 – Best Birthday Ever

In-the-kitchen-at-the-party-with-the-wine-logo-for-itunesIn this week’s episode we talk about what makes a great birthday party, Richard reveals more about his miserable childhood and talks about that time in his 20s when he tried to make a meaningful face like Edward Cullen in every photo.


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In the Kitchen At The Party With The Wine 02 – The Art of Conversation

Reposting our second episode because I screwed up the first one somehow. This week Lucy reveals her secret boyfriend.

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