Over the last 25 years Richard has been responsible for creating, publishign and distributing over 200 comics of his own and many more books by other local creators. During his time in the NZ comic scene he founded SQUARE PLANET COMICS, a company dedicated to publishing and promoting new talent in the local comic scene. Square Planet released between 30 and 50 books per year from a range of creators including THEO MACDONALD, RALPHI, JEM YOSHIOKA, JOY FU, EDDIE MONOTONE, ROBYN KENEALY, TERRY JONES and more.

Richard also created BLASTOSAURUS, which was consistently the highest selling NZ comic, reaching a wide audience through book stores, comic stores, online and at conventions nationwide. Blastosaurus was the first monthly title produced entirely in New Zealand and during its 10-year run saw the release of 5 collected volumes and over 30 convention exclusive books.

Currently, Richard is focussed on picture books, cutting down his comic work to just 2 ongoing projects - the all-new American edition of BLASTOSAURUS, which is coming soon from GOLDEN APPLE PRODUCTIONS, and THE WRONG TREE. Below is a sample of his most recent BLASTOSAURUS book. check back here for updates and new comic titles.
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